Country Hills Auto Spa

Are you always on the go? Don’t worry, we got you covered! Ask for our Express Service and we will hand wash and dry your vehicle for $19.95 (was $29.95).  We have also laid out some A la carte items for you to choose from as you require!

Leather Conditioning

Combine with the Express detail for only $19.95

Make your leather shine

Keeping your car leather clean is the most important and critical part to the health and beauty of your cars leather.

Express Vacuum

Combine with the Express detail for only $29.95

Tired of the Cheerios all over the place?

With winter fast approaching, we know its hard not to track dirt, mud, gravel, salt, leaves etc. You name it, it ends up on the carpet!

Clean Interior & Exterior Glass

Combine with Express Detail for only $29.95

I can see clearly now!

Do your children that like to paint the glass and leave streaky finger prints inside? Do you have a dog that likes to do the same?

Headlight Restoration

Combine with Express Detail for $99.99

Shine bright like a diamond

Having troubles seeing at night? Too expensive to replace the headlamps? We’ll take care of that for you!

Shampoo Carpet/Rubber Mats

Combine with the Express detail for only $34.95

So clean you won't want to wear shoes!

Sometimes the floor mats get so dirty that you end up tracking dirt and grime. Keep your mats clean and feel free to exercise the 5 second rule!

Tire Dressing

Combine with the Express detail for only $29.95

Keep those tires shining

Tires looking a little dull? Just like your fancy “going out” shoes need a good polishing from time to time, so does your car’s shoes. We have a chair just for your car (not really but we can shine them).

Dashboard & Vinyl Clean

Combine with Express Detail for only $29.95

Because the inside matters too!

Have you ever hit your head off the rear view mirror trying to clean that far corner of the dash. We have, so let us deal with the headaches instead!

Engine Bay Clean

Combine with Express Detail for $34.95

Keep your engine looking like new

Don’t you get tired of looking at a dirty engine bay every time you check your fluid levels. Not really, but if you want it look like new, let clean it up for you!

Why Choose Us

The Country Hills AutoSPA provides professional, cost effective car & truck detailing Calgary for all makes and models of vehicles. We understand that keeping your vehicle primed is important to you in order to maintain its value. We’d like to make that process simple and convenient for you. Use our online car detailing calgary booking tool or Call Us Today! 403 516 5269

What Client’s Say

Mark Tran and Kelly did a fer-nominal job on getting my car polished! All minor scratch has removed and i am super happy! Looks almost like a brand new car that just came out of the show-room floor.. Thanks Mark and Kelly!
Sky Phan
My experience at AutoSpa Country Hills was by far the best I have ever had at any car detailing place. I was helped by Stanley Ly and he did a phenomenal job!! This place will be worth every penny you’ll spend! All the employees were so professional and nice. I was taken home in a shuttle bus and picked up once my car was ready. Everyone is so friendly here. Definitely recommend them!
Asha Yassin
CHT Auto Spa is a shining star in the auto detail business. I have 2 dogs that ride in my Tundra. When I picked the ride up after the Auto- Spa was finished you wouldn’t have thought I had dogs. Kelly and the crew were a pleasant surprise. Lucy and Claire love the fresh sent that Kelly and crew left.
Brad Fennema