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We are a full service auto detailing Calgary shop and work with every make and model of vehicle. We specialize in providing you with professional service at very competitive pricing. Our goal is to make things simple for you. We also offer specialized services like loaners, shuttles and and 3M Paint Protection Film Installations.

Did you know that your vehicle requires regular service to its paint, trim, rubber, leather and other surfaces as well? An ‘express’ service from your local car wash every now and then isn’t nearly sufficient to maintain your vehicle in top condition especially if you are looking to keep a high resale value.

À La Carte Auto Detailing Calgary & Airdrie Services

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Interior Auto Detailing Services

Dust, dirt, exhaust, and odors are absorbed by your car’s interior surfaces. Eventually, that new car look and smell is gone. Visible soiling and discolouration accumulates on fabric, vinyl, and leather surfaces. To preserve and protect your car’s interior from premature wear and tear, proper interior maintenance and protective conditioning treatments are recommended on an annual basis.

We thoroughly clean the interior, including door panels, dashboard, gauges, vents, visors, steering wheel and column, and center console. Seats are cleaned and the carpets are shampooed – we include the trunk. If the seats are leather or vinyl, we carefully clean and treat them with conditioners to soften, preserve, and protect.


Floor Mats Shampoo ~ $24.95+tax

Pet Hair Removal ~ starting at $150+tax

Do Fluffy & Blacky tend to get hair all over your vehicle? As much as you try to maintain vehicle cleanliness it is difficult with pets. Let us take care of this for you. This includes shampooing of floors, seats, mats and trunk. Please note that the price can depend on the severity of pet hair.

Full Interior Clean~ $229.95+tax

Includes vacuuming & shampooing of seats, carpets, and floor mats, plus cleaning of glass, instrument and interior vinyl panels. Also deodorizing of interior.

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Tree Sap Removal ~ $149.95+tax

Tree sap is one of the most common stains that occur on a vehicle exterior and it can be very difficult to remove. It is composed of sugars and other waste products that pass through the insects’ bodies undigested. If you leave it alone it will turn black and be even harder to remove. We can help.

Road Tar Removal ~ $149.95+tax

Have you ever driven through a road construction zone where they were paving? Fresh tar or oil can sometimes splash up onto your vehicle.  We can remove this and wash your vehicle at the same time bringing back that new car finish.

Fall Out Removal $128.00+tax

Fallout is little surface spots on the vehicle’s paint. If you have a white car, look very closely at the paint, mainly on the back bumper and roof and you should see little brown spots. That is industrial fallout. If you have a dark colored vehicle, you will see little rainbow colored dots, this is also fallout. Fallout usually causes a vehicle to feel rough and in time start surface rust. We offer a fall out removal service that will prevent rusting to occur. Get your vehicle in now.

Power Polish ~ From $128.00+tax

Polishing is a broad term for a range of processes designed to either remove or mask sub-surface paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss in readiness for sealant or wax protection. Schedule a Power Polish now!

Headlight Rejuvenation ~ $149.95+tax




Protection Packages

We offer several Protection Packages which are all specifically designed to restore your vehicle’s interior and exterior.

3M Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is the most effective way of protecting vehicles from road damages. This film is designed to save cars, motorcycles, trucks, vans and other types of vehicles protecting against day to day paint damages. Living in Calgary can be extremely hard on vehicle paint. The film forms an invisible shield that can be waxed and maintained just like your paint to maintain the original high gloss shine of modern vehicles. This durable material has been used successfully for years by the military, various auto manufacturers, and NASCAR race teams in rock chip prone areas with incredible results.

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear urethane adhesive film that is used to protect the paint finish on a vehicle’s impact zones, such as the leading edge of the hood and the bumper. This invisible film is strong and durable, providing protection from nicks, stone chips, abrasions and bumper scuffs. Protection Film can also be used to protect headlights from cracks, scratches, chips, yellowing and hazy buildup.

We specialize in the installation of Paint Protection Film. Our Certified Installers have the over 50 years combined experience installing Paint Protection Film. Paint Protection Film is the very best solution for car owners looking for Paint Protection against: Stones, bug acids, winter salt, sand, minor impacts, road debris, and scratches which can improve the look of your vehicle.

Benefits of Paint Protection Film

    • Eliminate stone chips and minor scuffing damage
    • 5 Year Paint protection warranty
    • Car wash friendly
    • Adds years to the life of your vehicle
    • Improves vehicle value

Please Call us for a 3M qoute on your vehicle


The underside of your vehicle, though seldom seen, is the most exposed to the various elements of the road. Gravel and sand abrade at everything, and road salts and other grime accumulate in nooks and crannies. The abrasions expose bare metal where salt and moisture can begin to rust. An undercoating protection with our rubber and water based product will permanently seal your under carriage.

Reasons to Undercoat your Vehicle

  • Rust proof the under carriage
  • Prolong the life of your vehicle
  • Reduce road noise

Interior Car Fabric & Leather Protection

Interior fabric protection prevents permanent damage from stains and spills. Protecting the interior fabric/leather upholstery and carpet of your vehicle is as important as making sure the exteriors are rust and scratch-free.

Your vehicle is constantly exposed to dirt, moisture, liquid spills, food remnants and sweat. It’s not about how clumsy, careful or clean you are! Spills and stains are a part of everyday life and taking the right precautions can avoid unnecessary marking or discolouration!

We use products that are extremely effective and will minimize permanent damage, extend the life of your interiors and improve the re-sale value of your personal or commercial vehicle. This service is INCLUDED in an Ultimate Spa Detail Package.

Benefits of Upholstery Protection

  • Reduces permanent stains
  • Reduces colour fading
  • Repels dirt and spills
  • Facilitates easier cleaning of upholstery
  • Adds years to the life of your vehicle
  • Improves vehicle value

Rust Proofing

Is rust proofing worth the cost? Absolutely! Calgary’s harsh weather conditions of gravel, ice and salt can be really hard on your vehicle. You live in Calgary, where ice, snow, salt and dramatic climate fluctuations, combined with thousands of kilometres of gravel roads, can chip away your car’s built-in protection in no time. Because of that, Edmunds believes that even drivers in temperate areas of Canada would benefit from rust protection.

Edmunds explains. “This particular kind of damage­—repetitive surface damage—can leave exposed areas that be­come susceptible to corrosion.” Schedule a Rust Proofing NOW.

Paint Protection

Paint protection is a wax that we apply to your vehicle to help protect it against harsh elements like tree sap, road tar, bird droppings, fall out and UV rays from the sun.  This will protect your vehicle and keep it looking new.  This is included on all Ultimate Spa Packages.

Vehicle Power Polishing CalgaryPolishing is a broad term for a range of processes designed to either remove or mask sub-surface paint defects and greatly enhance surface gloss in readiness for sealant or wax protection.

Polishing is something you should do when the paint finish has become flat. Years of dirt grime and road film along with sunlight can degrade the finish on a car. Red cars seem to be much more susceptible to sunlight degradation that other colours and the paint turns a dull pink colour (this is caused by oxidation).

The Power Polish is what makes that ‘showroom shine’ that all car enthusiasts desire. Its a process at which orange peel and nibs are removed from the clear coat and your project ends up that that shiny wet look! In order to give that project the “wet look”, all the bumps and nibs need to be removed so the light reflects perfectly off the surface. All vehicles, even brand new ones, have an ‘orange peel’ look that is caused when the clear coat is applied. The way to get rid of those bumps is to sand them away. It is best to you a very fine grit of sandpaper so deep scratches are not put in to the clear coat that have to be removed later.

Power Polishing Starting at $128.00+tax

Headlight Rejuvenation ~ $149.95+tax

window tinting calgaryWe offer professional Auto Window and light tinting at great prices.

We use only the best window tinting films and carry a wide range Window Films and support it with a Lifetime installation guarantee. This Guarantee covers the film against Bubbling, Peeling or Cracking for the Life of the vehicle.

We remove most roll up/down windows in order to ensure the absolute cleanest results when installing our Window Tint and will “Bake” the windows before re-installation to start the drying process between the Window Film and the Automotive Glass.

Our Window Tint reflects 98% of UV Rays, Protects your interior from fading and cracking, Reflects infrared radiation to reduce heat build up, and Provides Privacy and Security.

We offer several different shades of window tint. We have a shade to fit your needs and lifestyle.

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